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  • Am I eligible for nomination
    Yes ! You are eligible for nomination if you are citizen of India & have a registered Business. Please Note ( Registered Business : Any Business having valid Government approved Documents viz LLP,LTD,Sole propritery, Organisation etc )
  • What are the different categories available where i can nominate myself ?
    On this platform you have the choice to self nominate yourself. After you nominate yourself, our internal team will review your application and can help you based the category with a category which suites you the most ,post the initial round of conversation.
  • Can I nominate myself for Mutiple Awards ?
    Yes ! You can nominate yourself for Multiple Awards but you have to manually refill the registration form with the choice of Award in the "Category" Section.
  • Whom can i contact to understand about the Nomination process
    Our team is there at your help.You can contact on following : Working hours : Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 11:30am & 1:00pm to 5:00pm Lunch Time : 12:30 to 1:00pm Email us at : Address: Line 1 Line 2 Line 3
  • What is "Best Start up Awards" & who can nominate in it ?
    Best Startup Awards are for the ones who earns the most profit in a duration of 1-2 years (previous year) & whose brand is established for minimum 3 years at least. If you feel you fit in this criteria then feel free to nominate as our team will review the application and ask for the details if needed & help you find the best category to fit in
  • What is Best Start up Idea Award ?
    Best Idea for a startup. Basically it implies how a particular idea which forms the base of the startup is unique in a way how it benefits the society with its product or service in general or whether a particular startup helps directly or indirectly towards woman empowerment, please note this is not a mandatory condition , however the uniqueness and the pitch matters
  • Who can Qualify for "Best Woman Entrepreneur Awards" | Under 30, Under 50
    Any woman handling the business single handedly and making a stepping milestone success at her level in terms of sales or other metric which could be quantifiable. The most important aspect which is taken into consideration is also that of not giving up on idea of Business no matter what situation might come in front of her. Also based on age factor "Under 30 & Under 50" categories are charted herein.
  • What is "Entrepreneur of the Year (Man) | Under 30 & Under 50" & Can I apply ?
    You can apply if you are the man single handedly handling and managing the business for more than 5 years. The gist of this award is that your patience is tested in the world where people tend to switch their profession but no matter how hard the situation got, no matter how hard the challenges came you stood by your brand. Please note : This award in no way demean the one's who were previously having their business but switched their profession because no matter what they too are still the warriors only ! But this platform currently aims at self run businesses only & hence the preview context.
  • What is "Iconic Brand of the Year" & can I apply ?
    This award purely checks for the sales made selling products / profit earned by service. The essence of this award is that it needs to be accoladed to the ones who are not having prior digital marketing knowledge, or any kind of marketing analysis done. If such people's morale who without even any technical knowledge are able to achieve so much then imagine what wonders they can bring if they are given with a proper back up !! Also just to not mix them with the ones having technical knowledge we are filtering them out with a seperate award !!
  • What is "Established Brand of the Year" & who can apply ?
    Covid-19 was really a difficult time for all of us ! but when it comes to brand, it's a one of the challenge which needs to be addressed to & corrective measures needs to be in place to make sure that the profit targets are met without any compromise. Here is that award which shall be given to a brand/ individual/ group/ firm etc which earns the most profit during the Covid-19 time and also post 2 years of their business being established. If you feel, you gave you best shot, then feel free to nominate !!
  • What is "Concept of the Year" & who can apply ?
    CONCEPT ONLY ! Yes you heard it right !! In this category, the applicant need not have a running business or no business at all. But at the same time, a proper role execution of the brand idea, brand name, proposed logo, road map journey & along with feasibility report, technical feasibility report must be present. Consider this application like pitching your idea to the potential investor, whereby first round shall be processed at internal level followed by a Jury Level & then maybe dreams come true !! your idea could be pitched in front of potential investor !! GEAR UP & fill the form with your doable ideas !! We wait
  • What is Role Model of the Year | Under 30 ( Man/Woman), Under 50 (Man/ Woman)
    This award is relating to how your brand be of great help to the society or how your service could benefit the society. In other words it basically emphasises on the Social contribution aspect directly or indirectly by the service/ product you provide
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